A Quilty Pleasure

I’m back!!!

I’ve discovered it’s been so long since I wrote anything on my blog. Time sure does fly.
I’ve been working on becoming a Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer. This means I’ve created quilts from her patterns, teaching her techniques and sharing my passion for her patterns with everyone I can.
I started the journey to become certified shortly after I made my 1st Judy quilt, the Technique of the Month (TOM), Glacier Star, released in early 2011. It was such a pleasure to learn 6 different techniques that comprised this intricate looking quilt.
I completed my certification classes in Montana in April of this year. I have worked on the TOM quilts as part of my sample collection. I have now completed 2 Glacier Star quilts, the Mariner’s Compass (released in 2013) and have partially completed the 2015 TOM, Paradise in Blooms.
I will be setting up folders in the future that will showcase the incredible work my students create.
Until next time, I hope you have much joy with your Quilty Pleasure.

Glacier Star, TOM from 2011. Completed April 2015

Glacier Star, TOM from 2011. Completed April 2015

Mariner's Compass. Technique of the Month 2013

Mariner’s Compass. Technique of the Month 2013

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